Very similar to kitesurfing or kitelandboarding in the skills and equipment required with the board or skis being the main difference.

Whether simply using the kite to get you uphill for a normal descent or boosting big and pulling out freestyle tricks when winter comes you don’t have to pack your kites away…

Foil kites are more popular on the snow as they pack down smaller and are easier to launch and pack down .

Snow Kite Ozonekites

Snow Kite Ozonekites

Snowkite Key Facts


  • Snowboards or Skis – rider choice
  • Usual Kite Sizes 3 – 15 m.
  • Generally Foil Kites
  • Line lengths 15-30 m
  • Usually done on open fields inland, hills and mountains
  • Requires flat areas to learn
  • Wind Strengths 8-40 knots