This is the fundamental skill of all of the sports.

A good solid grounding in power kiting is not only enjoyable in itself but the fundamental skill and gaateway to all kite sports.

Powerkites gave birth to buggying and kite boarding and without the powerkite pioneers such as Flexifoil our sports would not be where they are today

Below is a breakdown of powerkite fundamentals

  • Most kites are of the vented variety
  • Sizes 1- 10 m.
  • Made of Rip stop with Dynema lines
  • Line lengths 15-30 m
  • Most common sizes however are 1.5 – 3.5m.
  • Kites can be flown with a bar or handles and are generally either
    • 2 line kites theseare not depowerable
    • 4 lines kite these can be depowered whilst flying
  • It will create a pull in the arms and
  • Great Entry to sport
  • Can be done by children as young as 5 under guidance
  • Usually done on open fields, parks and beaches
  • Requires clean wind in early stages of learning
  • Can use a harness once proficient
  • Wind strengths 4- 20 knots
  • Can be learnt in one hour

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