Kitesports disciplines

Oh, the things you can do with a kite…

You’d be amazed by how many uses there are for powerkites. From jumping on land, to skidding along on sand, to kitesurfing, kitefoiling, wingfoiling, sailing, skiing, snowboarding, buggying, biking, skating… the list goes on. There’s even been significant research into use of kites for commercial sea transport.

Photo Eunice Bergin


Kitesurfing or kite boarding is an individual primarily recreational sport. It is conducted on open areas of water, which can be shallow or deep, flat or bumpy, in preferably constant winds between 8 -50knots.

Wing Foiling

Winging, wing wanging, wing foiling, wingin’ it.

The definitive name hasn’t been cemented into our psyche yet, and whatever specific phrase gains the golden term ticket. This fab new sport is a hybrid, a mix, a coming together of new technologies and possibilities from its sibling sports of windsurfing, surf foiling and kite foiling.


This is the fundamental skill of all of the kitesports Disciplines

Kite Landboard

This sport is the most similar to kitesurfing in the equipment it uses – kites can be inflatable or foil type.

However the board ridden is like a giant skateboard and has wheels

Kite Buggy

Kite Buggy

One of the oldest kitepowered sports riders sit down and control the kites whist steering the buggy with legs

Buggies can be 2, 3 or 4 wheeled – however 3 wheels are the most common

Snow Kite Ozonekites

Snow Kite

Very similar to kitesurfing or kitelandboarding in the skills and equipment required with the board the main difference...