It is one of the few kite spots in South East England that works well for kiteboarding
on a North East wind direction.

Greatstone Beach is considered one of the most kitesurfer
friendly beaches in the whole of the UK.

Kitesurfing Conditions

Greatstone is a super flat shelving beach where the tide goes out a very long way. On a
spring low tide it can be about 20min walk to the sea. All tide states are usable here, apart
from very high spring high tides as it leaves you little beach to set up and can be dangerous
for other beach users when it is busy. Due to the very flat shelving profile of the beach the
water is very shallow and calm, perfect for learning in and even better for freestyle, butter
flat and acres of space!

Where To Launch Your Kite

The main kite launching locations to go kitesboarding at Greatstone Beach are Greatstone
Lade Car Park TN29 9PE (with toilets) and Littlestone Coast Drive car park at TN28 8NR.
Launching and landing areas here: at low tide it is advised that you launch at the waters
edge, or at the bottom of the shingle bank.

Wind, Tides and Temperatures

Greatstone Beach receives onshore winds from North to South and is off shore in South-
Westerly to North-Westerly winds. In the summer, thermal sea breezes and frontal winds
can provide excellent warm afternoon conditions.
It is recommended that for beginners, you do not try and kitesurf for 90 minutes either side
of high tide at Greatstone Beach.

Competent kiters can kite at any tide state at Greatstone,
as even at high tide there is room to launch on the shingle banks. High tide is perfect for
kite/hydrofoiling, due to the water depth, as well as for wing foiling or stand up paddle
At low tide, Greatstone Beach is a great kite buggy location, with a huge sandy strip along
the shoreline to ride up and down for miles.
The water at Greatstone can be very warm on an incoming tide as it heats up over the hot
sand. A 3mm wetsuit would be recommended in the summer, a 5mm in spring and autumn
at Greatstone. The sea is up at 16°C in summer and down to 8°C in winter.

For more info and the full guide check out this page on the Infinity Site