Finally, the Olympics are here, and we are in it.

What does that mean for us as an organisation and more importantly what does that mean for us a kiter and some who participates within this sport? We have been working closely with the RYA who are the people who actually send the sailing sportspeople to the Olympics; a part of our job is to nurture and support the grass roots of the sport through the membership fees.

We work closely with schools and educational establishments around the UK helping people understand what the sport is and how they can participate. We work with people from all types of backgrounds and disabilities being an enabler for people to participate in this fine sport and allow people to try it out; We have partnered with Access adventures for almost 10years to deliver adaptive powerkiting and kitesurfing

It is because of you, our member we are enabled to always push boundaries and help create more kiters.

We have had really successful events in and around the UK with nationals in Haying and Cornwall and a growing regional circuit of Big Air, Freestyle, Wing racing which is set to grow further in 2024.

We understand the frustrations that some people have about it feels like the events are very southern centric. I think this is the case but as someone who lives north of Edinburgh and the fact I see where the majority of the members are, I understand why we have historically done what we have done…

BUT we are changing that by working with regional schools and clubs around the UK to put on events. We are here to help and have the infrastructure to help. I would love to see an event in Scotland this year? Who is up for it? I will absolutely help out! We need to work together in order to grow and nurture this sport. We are holding an event that incorporates music, kiting and training at Shoreline on the South Coast. We are hoping many of you are able to attend. Historically it was the Kitesurf Armada and some of the same people are helping out behind the scenes.

We have been working hard to ensure the BKSA is fit for the future and able to accelerate the change that is needed from both an environmental point of view but also adapting to the new needs of members and the future generations. We have now launched a new more efficient website, a digital wallet for your card that has saved a huge amount of CO2 in the last year. We work closely with the Australian federation and instead of training their coaches and instructors by going to Australia we now deliver courses online. This will open us up to work with more organisations around the world and develop the relationships we already have with less of an environmental impact.

There have been some challenges for us through membership retention and then the schools and retail sector have had rising costs due to the macro economics playing out and the amount of people trying to get into the sport.

The BKSA team and structure has a great foundation and is in a great place for all of this outreach and cross engagement to happen. We have great coaches, events crew, membership platforms and support. We are in a position that we haven’t been before where we were reliant on a certain number of people rather than now having a real cross section from the community being a part of what we are trying to achieve.