Membership FAQ

Here are some of the more common questions asked regarding our Membership

How much is Membership

Standard Membership is £42 a year.

Student Membership is £36 a year.

Junior Membership is £31 a year.

Do I qualify for the Insurance?

If you live in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, The Isle of Man & The Channel Islands for more than 6 months of the membership year, then yes.

When am I insured from?

You are insured from the time that payment is made. If you have completed an online transaction then you are insured from the date you enter your card details. If you have paid via cheque then it is when your cheque has been cleared with your membership form.

How long does it take to receive my membership pack?

It normally takes 7 -10 days from receipt of your payment. If after 21 days you have not received anything let us know by emailing and we will follow it up for you. Memberships do sometimes get lost in the post.

I want to buy several memberships, do I need to set up an online account for each one?

Yes. If you wish to purchase more than one membership (e.g. for you and a partner) you will need to create a separate online account for each membership and pay separately for each.

Am I insured when I go on holiday abroad?

Yes you are, however please look at the policy for details and the countries covered – our insurance is not a replacement for holiday insurance.

Where does my Insurance Cover?

With our Insurance you have Worldwide Cover providing you are not going to a country with Sanctions or traveling to a country against the Home Offices’s advice. For Liability insurance, Claims must be brought against you under UK Jurisdiction for cover to operate. Personal accident cover is a benefits policy and therefore this cover will not go through a court to be operative.

Is there a limit to the amount of days spent abroad?

90 days in the membership year.

Does this include travel insurance?

This Insurance arranged by the BKSA does not include travel insurance cover and you will need to purchase this separately if you’re travelling.

What do I do if I'm having difficulty joining online?

If you have any troubles joining online, there’s always someone happy to help in the office either e-mail or call the office on 01305 813555.

Why haven't I received a new tag in my membership pack?

We have changed the way we distribute these, they are now issued to those wanting one from your local BKSA affiliated club (this is due to a high increase in postage costs & the BKSA wanting the reduction of 1 use plastic footprint)

Am I still able to get a new tag?

Yes all members are entitled to one.

Where can I obtain a new tag from?

From your local BKSA club, or direct from us if you’re not a member of an affiliated club.

How do I know where my local club is?

Please go to our club/schools finder

Am I covered for Wingfoiling ?

Yes the BKSA has embraced Wingfoiling and included it in the Insured activities listed in the members insurance policy