BKSA Structure

Our Structure, Governance & Policies

Who does what, how they do it and key policies to whch we work.

British Kitesports is a company limited by guarantee (CLG.), incorporated as a not-for-profit Association; a membership based organisation where each member is essentially a shareholder.

That means every British Kitesports member has a stake in what we do and how we do it.

British Kitesports is structured as follows:

The Board:

Each of which is elected by the members – their job is to:

  • Determine the overall direction, goals and strategic objectives of the Association
  • Review and approve the policies and processes we work to
  • Ensure that the interests of our members are represented at every opportunity
  • Be accountable to the members for the Association’s performance

Service Providers:

Businesses that manage the day-to-day operations of the Association – they do the following:

  • Provide membership, training, marketing communications, accounting and event services
  • Advise the Board on matters relating to their specific area of expertise (see above)
  • Are accountable to the Board for their activities
  • Report to the Board on matters effecting the Association
  • Suggest additions to or revisions of policies and working processes

So to summarise, the Service Providers are accountable to the Board and the Board are accountable to the members.

This gives us a strong structure that ensures transparency, oversight and accountability.

To carry out our work and achieve our strategic objectives we work to a set of policies. These policies govern how we deal with certain issues.

These policies include issues such as safeguarding, accessibility, environmental impact, equality, disciplinary matters and substance misuse.

Copies of each of these policies can be requested by contacting info@britishkitesports.org